Old Wheels v2.1


This mod updates a version of Ventyre’s wheels to the new format (<1.17), and adds support for correct tire physics (1.22+). The tires simulated are Aeolus ADL67 (315/70, EU Label: E/C/78) in pairs with the current price in Euros to buy them. (x2 for front, x4 for rear).

— Update 2.1 —
Changed Workshop Icon
Removed suitable_for lines, as it caused errors.

Extra: Hotfix to use these wheels in 1.23 Beta

Ventyres, Siberius, LeafeonGold


6 Responses to Old Wheels v2.1

  1. mvd says:

    whitch recovery truck is that!?

  2. bob says:

    can u please make it public, or just send me the link. it looks very good

  3. Johnny Rotten says:

    No hotfix download link.

    Can these wheels be used now in proper version 1.23

  4. Theosz says:

    no link to fix

  5. EBH says:


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