OLSF AWD/S Chassis Pack 8

Compatible versions: ETS2 1.34
Supported trucks:

– MAN TGX Euro 6
– Mercedes Actros 2014
– Scania R 2016, Scania S 2016
– Volvo FH 2012

IMPORTANT: Buy a new truck and set high priority for this mod
OLSF AWD/S Chassis Pack improves your truck adding better grip, handling, stability and fuel autonomy. Includes:

– All Wheel Drive (AWD) system
– All Wheel Steering (AWS) system
– Optimized weight distribution
– Extended fuel/AdBlue capacity
Chassis included:

– OLSF iAWD 6×6 (only All Wheel Drive)
Changelog (8.0):

– Support for MAN TGX Euro 6



11 thoughts on “OLSF AWD/S Chassis Pack 8

  1. Stabon-Strapon

    Somebody – stop him!

    1. why stop him? mod works fine. for my opinion useless but it works 🙂

      1. Stabon-Strapon

        The modification works fine, but it’s not realistic…

        1. eurotrucker

          It’s not realistic but a lot of people like it, me included.

        2. If you think that it not is useful for you, then skip the mod, and use any mods which you think is useful, but as long as the mod is working, we don’t need a comment that says stop him, because you not think it is a good mod. 🙂

  2. Can anyone tell me WHY??

    1. Yeah!!! I also feel weird

  3. It’s simple, if you do not like it, do not download it. Not everyone plays for simulate real trucking.

  4. spartacus33

    THX BRO…. all YOUR MODS are working fine !!!

  5. Stian Dammen


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