OLSF Engine Pack 22 for Scania S 2016

This mod requires ETS2 1.31 or newer.
Don’t re-upload this mod. Respect the original download link.
Final edition, this mod will not receive more updates.
———————————————————————————————Changelog (22.0)

– New V8 engine and 15-speed gearbox
– Electric powertrain removed (Available as a separate mod)
– V8 Standard engine removed
Engines included:

V8 Efficiency EVO (limited to 2000 rpm)
3.000 Nm / 630 HP / Best fuel economy

V8 Advance EVO (2500 rpm)
4.000 Nm / 840 HP

V8 Performance EVO (extended to 2670 rpm)
4.500 Nm / 950 HP

V8 Performance Plus EVO (extended to 2670 rpm)
5.000 Nm / 1.050 HP

V8 Performance Extreme EVO (extended to 2670 rpm)
5.000 Nm / 1.875 HP

Transmissions included:

15-speed dual clutch transmission



One thought on “OLSF Engine Pack 22 for Scania S 2016

  1. káposzta123

    An other useless overpowered engine mod. YEAH, that’s what everyone wants. -.-

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