OLSF Engine Pack 31 for All Trucks

Compatible versions: ETS2 1.31 / 1.32 / 1.33
Supported trucks: All in-game trucks + Scania RJL, Renault T
The OLSF Engine Pack mod changes completely. All-new engines for a better driving experience on your truck. Efficiency or Performance, you decide.
Engines included:

OLSF V6 Efficiency NG (Redline: 2000 rpm)
630 HP / 3000 Nm

OLSF V8 Efficiency NG (Redline: 2000 rpm)
780 HP / 3700 Nm

OLSF V8 Performance NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
950 HP / 4500 Nm

OLSF V8 Performance Plus NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
1090 HP / 5.200 Nm

OLSF V8 Extreme NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
1350 HP / 6.400 Nm

OLSF V8 Extreme Plus Hybrid NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
1350 HP + 1100 HP / 7.000 Nm
(Combined power: 2450 HP)
Changelog (31):

– Bug fixes and improvements
Works better with:



5 thoughts on “OLSF Engine Pack 31 for All Trucks

  1. I really love the different OLSF mods. One question. Will they come to work at the Scania RJL model?

    1. This version is already compatible with the Scania RJL (Old gen).

  2. Ithave own sound?

  3. Hello, it’s possible to add RJL Scania T for a next update?
    thanks a lot for this good work

    1. Thanks for adding RJL Scania T in the new update !!

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