OLSF Engine Pack 37 for All trucks + mods

Compatible versions: ETS2 1.31 – 1.34
Supported trucks:

– Freightliner Coronado
– Iveco Hi Way, Stralis, Strator
– Kenworth T680 & W900
– MAN F2000, TGX, TGX Euro 6, TGA
– Mercedes Arocs, Actros MP1-MP4
– Peterbilt 389 & 579
– Renault Magnum, Premium, Range T
– Scania R 2016, Scania S 2016
– Scania R, Streamline, T (SCS/RJL)
– Volvo FH12, FH16, FH, VNL
The OLSF engines pushes the virtual motor controller to the limit,
using all parameters available for mods. Advantages:

– Immediate delivery of maximum torque at low rpm
– Constant delivery of power up to 2500 rpm
– Low internal friction to reduce fuel consumption and improved throttle response
– Very complex torque curve and power parameters calculated realistically
– NEW: Hybrid powertrain with electric drive mode

If you experience issues with this mod, set high priority and buy a new truck.
Engines included:

OLSF V6 Efficiency NG (Redline: 2000 rpm)
630 HP / 3000 Nm

OLSF V8 Efficiency NG (Redline: 2000 rpm)
780 HP / 3700 Nm

OLSF V8 Performance NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
950 HP / 4500 Nm

OLSF V8 Performance Plus NG (Redline: 2500 rpm)
1200 HP / 5.700 Nm

OLSF V8 Hybrid EV NG (Redline: 2450 rpm) – BETA
1200 HP / 5.700 Nm + Electric powertrain
Changelog (37.0):

– Added support for ATS trucks in ETS2
– Fixed bugs found in the previous version
– Support for Ford, Dongfeng and Hyundai removed
– New V8 Hybrid engine with electric drive mode
– New V8 Performance engine



15 thoughts on “OLSF Engine Pack 37 for All trucks + mods

  1. Coming soon the Engine Pack and the Dual Clutch Transmission Pack will work in American Truck Simulator.

    1. peperebvs

      Merci beaucoup OLSF

    2. Download now available on ATSmods.lt

  2. I can’t upgrade my engines and transmissions for my drivers’ trucks. Every time I try and upgrade, the game crashes. My game is on the latest ETS and ProMods version.

  3. spartacus33

    Merci beaucoup & same as usual all your Mods are very nice & work very well… there are perfect !!!

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

  4. Password?

    1. You don’t need it, place the file in the mods folder and you’re done

      1. Alessandro

        Can we please know the password? I would like to adjust some gear ratios for my own interest because your transmission are awesome but in my opinion they could use more accurate ratios!


  5. FrancescoFdd5

    Please re-add the old Engine

    1. In update 39 (the 38 I have already sent) there will be new engines of 510, 1400 and 1790 HP.

  6. Esto No sirve para multiplayer?

  7. Perdón por mi ignorancia….
    Este Mod sirve para utilizarlo en MultiPlayer?

    1. No, solo puedes utilizarlo en el modo de un jugador. TruckersMP no permite motores distintos a los que incluye el juego.

  8. irfan hakim

    Hey Can It Work On Version 1.35.X

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