OLSF Engineering Pack (ETS2 1.40)

OLSF Engine Pack and Dual Clutch Transmission Pack come together to form a single mod.
Engines included: outstanding efficiency and performance.

OLSF V8 ECO-Series
550 HP / 2600 Nm / Up to 2000 rpm

OLSF V8 ECO-Series Plus
730 HP / 3500 Nm / Up to 2000 rpm

OLSF V8 PRO-Series
890 HP / 4220 Nm / Up to 2680 rpm

OLSF V12 PRO-Series
1330 HP / 6300 Nm / Up to 2680 rpm

1790 HP / 8500 Nm / Up to 2680 rpm

OLSF Electric Powertrain G8
7000 Nm / Up to 16000 rpm
Transmissions included:

OLSF EV-1 Directshift (for Electric engines)
OLSF TC-6R Torqueshift
OLSF DCT-6R Speedshift
OLSF DCT-16R Speedshift
Supported trucks:

– DAF XF Euro 6
– Iveco Hi-Way
– MAN TGX Euro 6
– Mercedes Actros MP4
– Renault T
– Scania R 2016, Scania S 2016
– Scania R, Streamline, T (RJL)
– Volvo FH 2012



2 thoughts on “OLSF Engineering Pack (ETS2 1.40)

  1. hello, can i have password for winrar please?

  2. Alin Crisan

    Hey. Did this change anything else within the game? I installed it and now I am running out of AdBlue before I am out of fuel. It never happened before, and this is the only mod I had updated, before I was using the other two, olsf engine + olsf transmission.

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