OLSF Hybrid Powertrain v 1.0 for Volvo FH

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> Requires ETS2 1.32 or newer
> Sound mods for Volvo trucks can cause errors
A powerful electric engine (539 HP) and a very powerful diesel engine (735 HP), together in a single truck delivering a combined power of 1274 HP and 6000 Nm at 2500 rpm with extraordinary fuel efficiency.
# It only works with a single speed CVT transmission included in the mod #




7 thoughts on “OLSF Hybrid Powertrain v 1.0 for Volvo FH

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.32…

  2. Fiberian Hufky

    I love this mod, it makes the truck much more easy to live with in town and in start stop traffic, but I would love to see another version of it where it has more low end power, my truck with a light cargo has a top speed of 155KM/H which is more than enough, but if we could reach the top speed quicker it would make it funnier to play and better in many aspects. thanks for the mod!

  3. AnotherGermanFool

    hey…is there any Chance that you make these for RJL Scanias?

  4. Hi …this Mod woorks fine… but only with the electric engine…
    there is no combined power…^^ i don`t find the diesel engine (735 HP) or i make some mistakes^^ :(….

  5. I have published a version 2.0 of the mod with some improvements, for the Scania S. In the future there will be support for all trucks, including the Scania RJL. I will also include more powerful variants to choose from. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Hi,

    Does this mod work from the beginning or you need to be lvl 16 or somtehing. Because i installed the mod but cant find the engine and gearbox

    1. Ok i have found it. it can only be used by buying a globetrotter XL. As Fiberian said allready i would like to see more power in acceleration specificaly from complete stop and driving away. That would be awesome

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