Online Truck Purchase

Buy trucks without having to travel to the dealership and without having to own five or more vehicles by the same dealership. YOU MUST OWN AT LEAST ONE TRUCK FROM ANY DEALERSHIP!! Copyright so please no uploading to other websites.



5 thoughts on “Online Truck Purchase

  1. Important! Mod uses an economy file.

  2. Peter4k70

    Hi, What you mean by Mod uses an economy file? I’ve used this mod and it works fine

  3. Yes, and I have a very good Eco-Mod, where I can change everything as I want. 🙂

  4. ein Hinweis auf das Passwort zum Entpacken….wäre echt nett

  5. There is no password. or password has been removed. As I have just downloaded it. Mod works great. Thank you svengates

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