Only Coolliner Trailers for standard Map, dlc east and north

Only Coolliner Trailers

Only coolliners for standard map,dlc east and north

(how to make it work for map mods)
put de cargo files into the def file of the map)

Author: Bas Damen


3 thoughts on “Only Coolliner Trailers for standard Map, dlc east and north

  1. Maximka.L

    Worthless mod.

    1. Nope! You’re wrong Maxima.L! It’s not a worthless mod at all. If you’ll read the comments for previous version of this mod, you’ll see that this is a request made by an user and Bas Damen was too kind to make this mod for that player. ;)…
      Also, this mod it’s VERY useful for those (like me) who likes to drive also / only cars in this driving simulator (even if it’s called “truck” simulator!;)… About this, a Latin quote says: “De gustibus non est disputandum!”, which in English mean: “In matters of taste, there can be no disputes”;)… )…

  2. Actually I like this mod, and this is absolutely not a worthless mod. it’s convenient for me to get a Coolliner Trailers instesd of tractors or cars trailer and so on …the reason I like this kind of mod is that Coolliner Trailers will looks much more suitble with the truck, and it’s convenient for me to test my new trailer skins.

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