Opel Astra J

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all textures/model edit/convert by trzpro
some opc parts by emre değirmencioğlu
some models by fuat aydogdi
some works by berkay pekesen

6 rims :
a4, s5,rs7,astra j, astra j businnes,opc
6 front bumpers:
astra k, astra opc, insignia, scirocco r, 2011 astra, 2013 astra,
3 rear bumpers:
stock, stock with diffuser, opc
%100 real sound
1 side skirt
1 spoiler
1 bumper curb
1 hood mask
3 chassis:
stock suspansion
lower suspansion
lower front suspension
detachable front/rear plates
toys dlc
all animations are working
all mirrors working

all dealers, 1.28


trzpro, Fuat Aydoğdi, Emre Değirmencioğlu, Berkay Pekesen



27 thoughts on “Opel Astra J

  1. jorgent97

    Hd test…

    1. Jan Stotz

      my Full HD test of the Astra J:

  2. PlagueDoc

    Very great mod! templates are very good, i really like that car! one little thing: the beacons and front bumper leds are not quite on their place, they a bit far from the car’s body, but thats not a very big problem. Can you make eg. opel astra h or some alfa romeo like 156/159? Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. trzpro are you, why all dealers?? please edit MAN only dealers! so very not good sound car mod it….

    1. Scooby123

      Your english is also very bad

      1. I told Kei to THINK before writing.
        Obviously he cant stop writing bull……

        1. stop talk to me.

      2. Don’t talk to me.

        1. Then learn to comprehend before making these kinds of irrelevant comments. You tell people to stop talking to you yet you continue to come back and pester every author to do things that they don’t want to do, especially by begging them to do stuff as requests which are automatically turned down. Get your facts straight and stop coming to ETS2/ATS mod sites just by begging every authors to do requests.

          1. Don’t just talk about it! so You’re just gon na stand right in front of me.

        2. Roberto D.

          Anon is right. Stop coming here every single day just by incessantly begging authors to do what you want. And your lack of comprehension is simply appalling, as are your failed, repeated attempts at trolling other people.

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  5. krisscania

    Thanks for make my dreams true. I love your mods.

  6. Oskar1104

    Amazing! But you can create a Opel Insignia 2012 Combi?That will be amazing!

  7. Test 1.26.7 on map MHAPro EU 1.26.5 work perfect !
    See my channel on the Ford Taunus Mod !

  8. WHAOU belle voiture !! non mais arrêtez quoi ! c’est un jeu de camions a la base !franchement a cause de mods de voitures je ….pffff ! je ne sais pas pourquoi je post ! désolé

  9. Lucasdriver70

    This mod does not work. This is not satisfactory

  10. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  11. I have been waiting for the “Good” Opel Astra mod for months, but I keep getting the “ETS 2 has stopped working” error after I load my profile.

    1. I have fixed it afterwards just ignore that. The crash error is related to other mod. Maybe Jazzycat mod.

  12. Full HD Complete teest video-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L5V9D4iF5Q

  13. ETS2 Zocker


  14. I get exceptionally interested in this car because it’s my car in real life. the mod is working, no crash, though a lot of errors.
    however the interior is very poor and the physics too strong, too fast acceleration, bad control.
    with little improvement on physics and work on interior’s texture may be very good car 😉

  15. Semih Mehmetoglu

    mükemmel gözüküyor


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