Opel Astra K V1R1 (1.36)

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Fixed dds bug

trzpro, yellow1441


12 thoughts on “Opel Astra K V1R1 (1.36)

  1. Please convert this beauty to GTA V. 🙂

    1. Please stop begging for this – it’s not going to happen. Instead, why don’t you go to a GTA V mod site, where you can ask someone there?

      1. That was a simply Question.
        You know what begging is? ?

        There are too much Cars. So you can go to GTA or other Games, if
        you want to play with this “Cars”.

        And what is your Role on this Site to speak like you do to other
        Peoples? ?

        1. That was not a response to this person in particular ALONE, but to everyone who keeps referring to GTA V (including yourself) on a ETS2 website!

          It is not illegal for people who can create mods to make any mod they want to, so why is it such a major problem to you? No one is forcing you to download them, or come into contact with them. There are available for the people who want them. If there are “too many” car [mods] in your opinion, that’s just something you’ll have to deal with. If you don’t want to look at these cars, please look at a different category of mods, instead of burdening creators with your useless comments all the time.

          For everyone who says “make this mod in GTA” on any mod, please read carefully: if you want such mods to appear on GTA V, ASK SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY MAKES MODS FOR GTA, like I’ve already said.

          I have no role on this site (as you should be able to tell), but I can respond to people, so I shall exercise this ability as much as I can. If you found that tone insulting, there’s nothing I can do about it.

    2. Why should I?

      1. Wow, what a “friendly” Reply ?
        A friendly Question can also be answerd
        in a friendly way.

        1. What exactly is so “unfriendly” about trzpro’s reply? He is responding to the question asked, and is asking the reason’s behind the question. There’s nothing rude about his reply.

  2. I really like this mod 🙂

  3. why did u do 100 reworks on this mod but not one on another?

  4. Make bmw e46 4door please

  5. Проезд на этой машине 106 км,и так-же обзор.
    Travel by this car is 106 km, and so is the overview hd.

  6. bcvc doesnt work it says i have to wait but i waited for 1 hour and it still doesnt do anything. bcvc is garbage

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