Open Pipe for all Trucks v 5.0

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I also promised you for the five time and as a confirmation of the success of the previous version I decided to make a copy Number 4
Thank you very much your support is greatly appreciated.
● Transmission Specs.
● Tires sound
●New Air brake sound
●New Engine start sound
● Winker sound
●New Gear air sound
●New HD & Clean Sound
The same trucks that came in the last version
* ETS2 1.30.1 No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
I will create a version 6 soon



6 thoughts on “Open Pipe for all Trucks v 5.0

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    5 Version’s in one week? That’s fail 😉

  2. Video please?

  3. Have you removed the ###### annoying horns????

    1. as stated … copy of #4 so dare we guess ? 🙂

      1. No the horns are still in the game……….awful horns one sounds like a train horn and the other is just awful

  4. something is wrong in ohaha after 1300rpms….

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