Open Pipe for all Trucks v 6.0

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Due to the success of the previous version and impressed by the people decided and as I have promised you to download the second version I hope you like
● Features
●Corrected No Sound internal cabines on stock engines in stock trucks.
●Stock Engine sounds reworked.
● New HD & Clean Sound
●New Gear air sound
●New Transmission Specs.
●New New trucks.
●New Engine sound
●New Air brake sound
●New Tires sound
●New Winker sound
For the trucks did not add any new truck themselves in the previous version
If I find a great interaction I will make a new version soon



2 thoughts on “Open Pipe for all Trucks v 6.0

  1. i believe that is perfect ,i love it ,but i dont like the sound when you release the handbrake to start rolling ,if you fix that it would be the perfect sound ..

  2. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.30

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