Orient Express v 7.0

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Map of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. There is a standard Europe and DLC “Going East”. To work you must have a licensed game with installed DLC GE and DLC Sсandinavia.

– Play Separate module – only map-Orient-Express , as in previous versions do not.
– Added: Volgograd, Saratov and other cities.
– Made fully compatible with ETS2 version 1.21
– Removed an errors in previous versions.

Tested on version


Authors card: valera_t , SCS Software
Authors of objects: valera_t, kosa6414, Goba, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, klipstoeun8839
Prefab authors: Valera_t, FLD, SCS
Author models for traffic: valera_t, goba6372, Jazzycat, kosa6414, onixer
Author of extra map detail: Dima063, fura2010
Tester card : KZN_TIM, fura2010
Special thanks to Yuri Senkevich update for bumpy road
and also to all who have provided all possible information to create more realistic game world


37 thoughts on “Orient Express v 7.0

  1. Разве она общедоступна? Её же из рук в руки передавали.

    1. ets2fan200


  2. она приватная,но некоторые уроды ее слили(((

    1. а я благодарен таким “уродам”, благодаря им нормальные люди могут поиграть на нормальной карте а не ждать пока тупая тварь даст добро поиграть на ней играть

  3. ets2fan200

    Yes this map is good. Now finaly Back!!! I like this map! Thanks mappers/modders for this update!!

  4. The archive is corrupt and did not unzip.

    1. De fapt acum văd, arhiva nu se descarcă în întregime, ci numai aproape jumătate, cum ar fi 250 – 300MB.

      Can we have another link which allow to download the entire archive?

      1. In fact now I see, archive does not download completely, but only about half such as 250 – 300MB.

  5. nálam oké minden

  6. alexandre

    works with TSM ?

    1. No 🙁

  7. Russian Open Spaces vs Orient Express v 7.0?

    1. I tested both, and my choice goes to Orient Express

  8. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Glad to see a version of this map is out (in public) after a long time. But (and I do mean but) there’s a version 8.0-8.1 of the map that has seem to be out there for some time. “Googling” around the place, that map seems to be in the “private” domain (if you understand what I mean)

    I’ll still look forward to playing this map even though it isn’t the most current map available.

    This might be a crazy thought….with some moving around, changing the names of some cities, or adding some new ones, What if someone(s) was to find a way to combine…..
    Russian Open Spaces,
    Truckers Map (Goba), &
    Eastern Express into one stable, playable, map?

    Too much thinking I guess?

  9. Великолепная карта!

  10. @Experimentaltrucker

    Overlapping sectors like Belarus are the pb actually

  11. Video HD started from Volgograd city:

  12. Карта ПРОСТО СУПЕР!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Спасибо ребята ВАМ за ваши труды.

  13. christophe

    super belle maps sa roule la class pas lag la grand class bravo beau travail grand merci

  14. Names of cities in english Please! but map looks very good !

  15. The title of the mod is wrong isn´t Orient Express is Eastern Express v7.0

    1. The name of this map is ‘Восточный Экспресс’ (Russian). Eastern Express and Orient Express are different translates.

  16. Andrew Reader

    compatible with Promods,poland rebuilding & rusmap?

    1. Not compatible with RusMap / Russian Open Spaces because this is the different map of same regions of them.
      For TSM or ProMods+PR, There is the fix.

      1. I need that fix for TSM

  17. MrGermanTruck

    Old map, does not work with Euro Truck Simulator 2

    1. De működik.

  18. ExperimentalTrucker

    Here’s a 4228km completed delivery run with help from, the EAA map v2.9 & TSM v6.1.1

    Picked up cargo in Uberaba (EAA Map)
    Traveled thru EAA & TSM
    Delivered cargo in Krasnodar 4228km run.

    More information is in the video description.

  19. Die Map ist spitze. Mehr Fahrsoaß als bei TSM. Ziehe eastern vor. Danke!!!!

  20. I really enjoy the fact that this is is finally back, even if it might be out of date.. Valera and his skills, as well as the other people listed have an impressive array of talents that show even with this map. I’m running this map on the 1.22 beta, works fine, just seems a bit treeless in areas… not that I mind that much. But it does work with tsm, but files need to be ordered in a certain way. Again, thank you for this map, if you have issues, there’s a link for it at ets2 mods.

  21. BogdanJohnny

    Can you make this map standalone ? and to work with 1.22 ?

  22. Русик

    При запуске на версии вылет Кто поможет?

  23. plese do the apgrade for v 1.22.2 please

  24. Excellent mod, but can you translate the Cyrillic city names to English ?

    1. At Ioannina (Greece) is crushing

  25. minä vain

    does this work with ets 1.23.1 without going east dlc?

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