Original Engine Sound MAN TGA Madster

This mod replaces the new engine sound of the MAN TGA by MADster v1.5 by the old engine sound of the MAN TGA by MADster v1.4

1. Unrar the file in Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod folder
2. Start the game
3. Put the Original engine sound MAN TGA MADster scs file above the file man_tga_byMADster_v1.5.scs on the MOD Manager
4. Start the game
5. Fun!



3 thoughts on “Original Engine Sound MAN TGA Madster

  1. Hi! Is there a same mod for the TGX 5?

  2. Your sound very terrible!

  3. fullxpert

    BlackStorm нет звука с внешней стороны(И этот дебильный звук ветра меня кошмарит.

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