Overcast addon for PWM 5.0

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You need full version of Piva Weather mod 5.0 for this addons.

Regular –

Piva Weather Mod for ETS2 (v 5.0) for 1.30 OPEN BETA


Piva Weather Mod for ETS2 No HDR for 1.30 OPEN BETA

I’m tired of the sunny weather and decide to add more overcast skyboxes to my weather mod.
This addons do not remove sunny skyboxes, but change probability of overcast weather.
With very light fog (g_set_skybox 20) and kight fog (g_set_skybox 21).
Also added light rain with light fog for bad wetaher (g_set_skybox 9)
You can test this settings if you change skybox in command console with given commands
Climate mediteran was not changed, so on south Italy climate stay the same.
At first I want change climate for UK and Scandinavia, but it impossible to do without map update, so now I change default climate (and all others for ProMod map)



15 Responses to Overcast addon for PWM 5.0

  1. Beth says:

    NOHDR Version Link Not Working

  2. Koldaka says:

    Hi Piva, in the link of NO HDR, nothing is found. Can you check it? Thanks.

  3. Sergx54 says:

    Вот нормальная ссылка на NO HDR:
    УДАЧИ !!!!

  4. ross gillies says:

    No link to no HDR version. Check please.

    • Kei says:

      link: sharemods.com/0awaq5bml5v2/overcast_addon_for_pwm_5.0_NOHDR.scs.html

      • TheGreenlightTrucker says:

        But this one have the same picture in it as the HDR version.

        • piva says:

          I can say that this addons is difference, you can belive me or not. 😀

  5. Fabiano Lopes says:

    Nothing found message to no hdr version, mate.

  6. FoxOnTheBox says:

    Fantastic work Piva, It looks great! 🙂

    HD video tested on 1.30 – youtube.com/watch?v=Tg0HYuKz8tI

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