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Mass: 260 tons

-If you wanna change the truck skin you can find it in “CONVOI TRUCK”=vehicle>trailer_eu>mercedes>company_paint_job. For the template you can use scs template
-put “1,2,or 3 truck (just one)” above main mod if you wanna some truck pulling your trailer in the back
-put “ballast trailer” above main mod if you wanna using ballasted truck

Im not good about talk and reviewing
So, if you find something wrong just tell me.
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Ben Affhandy

Ben Affhandy, Blade1974, Yasin28n, Roadhunter, Jazzycat


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  1. neranjana

    HD Video test 1.36

  2. Syahmi Asyraff

    Check out B.A. Workshop’s FB page for Special Transport fix. This one here doesn’t have special transport version of it. Yet, it has only industrial cable reel available

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

    1. Mr German ?? you are a parasite .. looking for a TRUE job ..
      has already put the video “Neranjana” why do you put it too ?? HOMEBOY.

      1. what is youre problem? most test of Mr Germantruck are helpfull and good tests.

  4. vanhouten_cz

    nice but less is sometimes more

    1. I can not activate the mod, please give the video link

  5. Gave up trying to get hooked up on a job with this. You need to limit the jobs to places that can actually handle the size of the rig. Otherwise quite a good mod

  6. Kevin Niehage

    Brauch man ein DLC

  7. Terrormaniak

    it’s completely useless to make trailers also oversized because you know just unplayable

    1. ben_affhandy

      sorry about that problems im just trying make something different here

  8. Нафига он такой нужен. Дальше своей базы никуда по габаритам и весу не проедешь

    1. ???

  9. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.36…


  10. Trully nice 1, but really unplayable!

  11. Jimmy Kyriakou

    There is something I don’t undertand with this mod. There are 3 files (ballast trailer, convoi truck and mega industrial cable). Do I have to add them all in the mod file so it appear in the game?

  12. Heiko Unverricht

    Leider funktioniert diese geile Mod nicht mit Promods!
    Gibt es dazu irgendwie ein Fix bzw. ist wasgeplant?

    Unfortunately, this awesome mod does not work with promods!
    Is there somehow a fix or is something planned?

  13. Mohd Muqri

    even scania 730hp and volvo 750hp can’t handle this load.. XD

  14. Tadeusz Sroczyński


  15. Tadeusz Sroczyński

    I don’t know how to take this semi-trailer because I’m not showing it anywhere, please help

  16. Trully nice 1, but really unplayable!

  17. izzomania

    hi downloaded the mmod but I can’t find it and also with the translator or followed the instructions but I can’t find it if you can kindly give me the exact order of how the files are to be put, thanks

  18. Mod order:

    1 truck; 2 truck; or 3 truck; ONLY ONE FILE ALLOWED
    Convoi truck; REQUIRED IF USING 1; 2; or 3 truck.
    Ballast trailer; only use this if your are ballast truck ad front.
    Mega industrial cable.

  19. This mod is ready for 1.37??? I’d love to use it so I can hear my truck suffer while pulling those 260 tons ?

  20. Ryan Thompson

    how do u add the trucks to this i got the trailer but no trucks

  21. looks great..however it seems to no longer work


  23. Thank you bro!

  24. Highly energetiϲ post, I liҝed that a lot. Will
    there be a part 2?

  25. Hello, I just discovered your oversized mod, I would like to know how to install it when it is not on steam workshop please.

    1. noah smith

      Hey Otto. In your documents folder you should see the folder euro truck simulator. Inside that folder create another folder called mod and place the mod in that folder. Then just go to mods in-game and activate it.

      1. Hello Noah, thank you for describtion. I already did it, even after few attempts I am not able to get this cargo anywhere and drive with it. May I ask you how to set it up in any company.

      2. BTW does it work with latest version 1.39? Will it work w 1.40?

  26. Where can I find the job? I don’t see it.

  27. to anyone wondering, this mod does not work with versions 1.39 or above. I have not checked 1.38 but that probably too.

  28. ahoj chci se zeptat na aktualizaci na verzi 1.41 diky

  29. ifham rosyidi

    wort it 1.43 ?

  30. do i get it right, i can download 2 other mods ( 1 2 or 3 Truck and Ballast trailer ) for additional stuff. . . ?! if so, WHY is there no link to it, i cant find them …

  31. 1.45 when???

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