Oversize load mod pack


Oversized load mod pack for 1.7.0



12 thoughts on “Oversize load mod pack

  1. FAKE !
    This is old mode …

  2. What other trailers is there or is that the only 1
    Many thanks

  3. Fake abahahahhaha

  4. Aaaand here it is. Again…

  5. GoGA_krawa

    it is not FAKE!!! there is 2 oversize load mods

    1. Consider changing your picture. Also, this is fake in terms, because it is not the OFFICIAL mod. And please update your brain’s grammar concept. It is not working.

  6. Ptkmlk220596

    It isn’t fake I’m 2 trailers is good mód

  7. e varza modu are 6 7 osii si are sub 20 tone ….

  8. Good mod really? You can’t make it through the toll booths and the trailers are missing hit boxes so cars drive right through the middle..

  9. GoGA_krawa

    subscribe my channel for more !

  10. Trucker 54

    Good mod, but don´t work in train.

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