Oversize Load Trailer v 2.0


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Single Trailer from Trailer Mod Pack v 3.2
After add mod scroll time in the game to new trailers appears. Mod should work with other mods on the trailer, but does not guarantee it.
Mod tested and working on, 1.9.XX and 1.11 versions

Author: satan19990


8 thoughts on “Oversize Load Trailer v 2.0

  1. I can’t see Trailers when Mods enabled.

  2. Standalone?

  3. Hey man, will this mod work on 1.16.2??? really keen to get this … hope it works

  4. not your mod mate my friend created trailers just like this and got the loads from scs!!! his name is madmaxminer

  5. MadMaxMiner

    Question: Why have you uploaded my mod saying it’s your own?

  6. you need to sleep abit to get the trailers @majoox

  7. Hey man will this mod work on version 1.19 if not could you remaster as no others are available! Cheers

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