Oversize & Oversize Load Sign for all Trucks

Oversize-&-Oversize-Load-Sign-for-all-Trucks-1 Oversize-&-Oversize-Load-Sign-for-all-Trucks-2

Replaces twister on all trucks, added a new updated sign

Author: ARS29


6 Responses to Oversize & Oversize Load Sign for all Trucks

  1. Cosmin says:


  2. trigger says:

    steeling work from someone who really made this made. how low can you go!

    • ARS29 says:

      I didn’t steal anything, I simply improved it to my liking & I’m sharing it with others

      • rush_man says:

        so put credits to the first author without who you wouldn’t have done anything !

  3. ARS29 says:

    Credit: Pat6234 dbülow

  4. miniz2000 says:

    le mod ne marche pas avec la 1.9.3

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