Oversize Trailer V1.24


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– Tested version 1.24.x
– Standalone
– Compatible with all pack trailer
– Advance coupling

* Respect the download link *

Credits: Solaris36, Benben, Fred_be and Unknown


12 Responses to Oversize Trailer V1.24

  1. Shogoon1984 says:

    Coming with the trailers under the bridges?

  2. mickeyd33 says:

    don’t bother at all to try these, with these TOO long trailers you can not get around any roundabout at all, or drive through cities and villages. they are probably to high too for bridges and tunnels.
    this is oversized too much.
    tip for the makers: make up some new stuff, and stop copying old stuff.
    “oversized” does not allways have to be un-realistic long or wide, but is okay when slightly wider, longer or has the LOOK of being “oversized” due too the load!

    • zoso says:

      You’re right but before you complain and criticize you must first think about what you say,
      real streets in the exceptional transport can not pass on all roads but are created Alternative routes to transit.
      modders can not only create paths for these trailers there are many mods maps.
      If you are a good driver pui you create your own path in your game!
      ################################################## #
      Remember that the real Modders have no interest in creating mods not working.
      If we all respect modders they will work for us

  3. Scandinavie011 says:

    Super gros les convois exceptionnel ça allèrent d’être coooooooooooooooooooool ☺ ? ?

    • zoso says:

      Ciao Mr.GermanTruck,congratulations for the qualification
      but you have got a great big ###?

  4. Mike says:

    these will be interesting taking to Andorre

  5. Madpower says:

    I do like a lot special ransportations…and of course there are places where special transports can not go. even RL…but normally on autoways bridges they pass, and the problem is that we have no accsess to know the heights of bridges during you voyage planing. Normally moders tke as reference the peage tools, in height and size. I agree that some of the heavy duty and special transport cargos are nothing like that, with litlew chalenge, but is for it to work without issues…i will try it, i do like the extra chalenge…Perhaps i recomend to use diferente flatbeds, with axles only until all wheels spin, and i think you guys can enlarge them a bit…we still have rrom in our lanes and makes also a good chalenge not only longer ones. About the height, and previouse comments…You are wright, no modder wants to make a none working mod, but people can still comment, because moders are not pros, and have not all knoledge so sometimes some things can skip out…even pros need to do updates and hot fixes…i apreciate the work don`t get me wrong, been wanting to get one of these for 1.24 build, but i do agree they all look the same, the windblower the trains for far too long…would sound nice to see some new things on top of it…but hey bro don`t get me wrong i know is not easy task, while some folks complain and have no notion how hard is to build something for a game, and how time comsuming it is to build from scratch, but you can not also complain about folks being a bit tired of seeing the same exact trailers and loads over and over. About people complain that need to manouver a lot…that is the all idea…ment for more professional ones who need a bit more chalenge…i believe that there is tons of trailers wich are heavy duty and special transportation smaller and normall sizes 😉

    Thanks for sharing…the link is the same…i see for 1.24 but not for the 1.24 plus advance coupling

    thanks 😉

  6. jobiff says:

    hi does anyone know how to add trailers to ets2 studio? nothing on you tube please anyone. cheers jobiff

  7. Madpower says:

    Hello everyone…i did try this mod and like it, but wanted to ask author if he could disable the last 2 axles in favour of the first 2 counting from truck cabin. Better weight didtribuicion, does not cut so much cornering and also does not sit on the floor so easelly. Cause sometimes if you leave free way and have litle climb for the cross road to pass above…once your truck is on flat terrain and if the trailer is still on descend part, the trailer just sits on the ground not moving, because the middle part touches the road, cause the wheels are to far back. Aprat from that is good pack, real chalenge

  8. Aleksandar says:

    How to get a job with this trailers?

  9. vj says:

    i am not getting any jobs for the mod, is there any level that we need to reach for getting these trailers?

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