Oversize Trailer V1.26 [UPDATE]


– Tested version 1.26.Xs
– Standalone
– Compatible with all pack trailer
– Advance coupling

* Respect the download link *

Credits: Solaris36, Benben, Fred_be and Unknown


12 Responses to Oversize Trailer V1.26 [UPDATE]

  1. eddy says:

    no point downloading, these will NOT go round coners on standered map

  2. RayenGaming says:

    Nice Mod, can you make the TGV Train please ?

  3. jean-michel says:

    un excellent travail Fred_be.

    Serait-il possible pour Scania d’avoir le dessin de l’équipe championne du monde de rugby les “All Black”.

    D’avance merci.

  4. RayenGaming says:

    remarque Fred tu parle francais

  5. Deathmatic says:

    The Mod don´t work, even without any of the other mods i have, even with the folder completly blank: this mod isn´t working…

  6. shadowm312 says:

    it doesn’t appear in the work section…

  7. Dumme says:

    I’m extremely sorry, but I did not respect the download link 🙁 I read it out loud with a funny voice, and instantly regretted it. My apologies.

  8. Alex says:

    pls do update for 1.27

  9. lucas says:

    the game crashes when i open the job selection 🙁

  10. stephane tardevet says:

    bonjour une version 1.27 ? svp

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