Oversize trailers 1.22 fixed


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Def files fixed.
Totaly standalone.
Collisions fixed.
Added license plate lights.
Independent cargos.

Solaris36, Fred Be, Benben


17 Responses to Oversize trailers 1.22 fixed

  1. Jack says:

    Excellent! Thank you for the fix!

  2. Heavy Haul Man says:

    The beacons on the trailers do not work

  3. Valter says:

    Is this just a fix or complete mod?

  4. solaris36 says:

    Complete mod.
    I will test the beacon, heavy haul man. 😉

  5. sadasdfawdaw says:

    bune amk f7 çektik arabanın anasını sikti orosbu dorse senin yapacağın dorseyi sikiyim mal yapıyon bari tam yap sik kafalı yolları dönmüyo takılıyo kalıyo amın çocuğu

  6. solaris36 says:

    Stay online.
    New version soon.
    More cargos.
    Trailer beacon fixed (thank you heavy haul man).
    Right red light corrected.
    Lod model added.
    Just wait a bit. 🙂

  7. Dan says:

    first 3 axles of the trailer wheels dont turn there static only the last 4 axles wheels turn, I think the max amount of working axles this game allows for is 5.

  8. mickeyd33 says:

    very beautifull made trailers..
    But… i like them a bit wider than normal, but not so long..
    you can not make any turn what so ever.
    so, wider loads for the win.. longer not so 😉

  9. Hélder says:

    Carga muito interessante, só tem um grande defeito que é o peso, muito leve a carga, deveria ter no mínimo 80t.

  10. fdshgbfd says:

    I have problem… After instalation I don´t have these oversize trailers in menu of order. Where is problem? Everthing si compatible.

  11. LSW says:

    this mod is good but just that driving on the highway sometime the truck sudden brake for no reason

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