Oversizeload Transport Trailer


Author: Benben

Tested: 1.3.1


10 thoughts on “Oversizeload Transport Trailer

  1. This exact mod was posted here one or two days ago. Is this an updated version?

  2. Is now in the middle part of the collision box

  3. witch program do you need too open this file?

  4. Mod-Loller

    there is no password, its a fakelock, you can unpack it with a notepad++ or a hexeditor and winrar, take a look into the scs-discussionboard 😉

  5. is not kollisoinsbox

  6. Does anyone know if this it would work on the 1.4.8?

  7. Renault Premium?

  8. what you lafing

  9. hate renault

    dose this mod work on version 1.6.1

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