Overweight trailer pack v2 for ETS2 (UPDATE)


This mod adding Overweight Trailers 51 cargo
– Tested version 1.24.x
– The trailer is standalone
– The trailer not in traffic
– Compatible with all trailer packs
– Advance compling

* Respect the download link *

Scs, Ghostlord, Fred_be

PS: I just added the collision to advance coupling


5 Responses to Overweight trailer pack v2 for ETS2 (UPDATE)

  1. losevo58 says:

    Ghostlord, Fred_be!
    Какой смысл создавать такие трейлеры, если они не появляются в трафике?
    Просто возить из не составляет интереса, а вот если видеть их в трафике, то тогда игра станет ещё лучше и интересней.
    Ghostlord, Fred_be!
    What sense to create these trailers if they do not appear in the traffic?
    Just to carry out is not of interest, but if you see them in traffic, then the game will be even better and more interesting.

    • Theosz says:

      A) well, it is the same when I bought Cargo DLC, where I expected/thought to see in traffic also at least as optional flag.

      if exists for load and trip, why don’t see in traffic like optional?

      B) Also, If I can buy a truck, why I cannot drive/use like hired trucker?

  2. Theosz says:

    TYVM Fred_be for complete updating to v1.24.

  3. Roberto says:

    Someone please make a trailer pack to match and add trailers to the comapanies in SCS. Jazzycat has stopped his companies with his trailers and cargo packs. Shame!

  4. Theosz says:

    I’ve got these kind of issue

    00:21:25.651 : ‘shadow_x_ori’ nor ‘shd_x_ori’ locator not found in model ‘/vehicle/b4rt/trailers/us/cozad_exp_lowboy/cozad_expando.pmd default default’ which has valid extended shadow texture ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/aero_dynamic/shadow.tobj’
    00:21:25.716 : ‘shadow_x_ori’ nor ‘shd_x_ori’ locator not found in model ‘/vehicle/b4rt/trailers/us/cozad_exp_lowboy/cozad_expando.pmd default default’ which has valid extended shadow texture ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/aero_dynamic/shadow.tobj’

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