Overweight trailer


Overweight Trailer without Cargo & lowered. Forklift.

Author: Nikola Kostovski


16 thoughts on “Overweight trailer

  1. audiquattros1

    makedonec si be coek? xD

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      ти што мислиш ?

  2. audiquattros1

    ќе да си 😀

  3. on se hienoa kun ei osata kirjoittaa englantia!!!

  4. audiquattros1

    tuku.. ke mi naprajs skin za prikolka ?

  5. Could you write in english please…? 😉

    Thanks for this mod! Have been looking for something like that for long… 😀

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      Thanks you Barni..
      Sorry that we was not talking English,it will not happen again 🙂

  6. audiquattros1

    nikola how can i contact you? 😉

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      If you downloaded this mod,you can see my facebook contact page..

  7. hello Nikola
    can you make logo mods ?

    1. Nikola Kostovski

      Yes, I can make Logo light, Logo bigger,logo smaller,company Logos, all logos that exist 🙂
      And you need for ?

        1. Nikola Kostovski

          The MAN TGX orThe Trailer?

          1. Benny Bugge

            Both if you got the time 😀 is my Steph uncle’s truck you see 😀

  8. audiquattros1

    i need a trailer skin… could you make one for me? 🙂

  9. can u build with this trailer with 2 loader(digger)or 2bulldozer with more long and more axle its cool trailer overweight
    i will wait PLeeeaasseee

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