Ownable overweight trailer Doll Panther v1.4.9

Ownable overweight trailer Doll Panther
Advanced coupling
Cables simulation
5 axles
2 chassis variants
70 overweight cargo
Tested on version 1.43.x
Models by Gallinger, Giants Software, Weltenbauer Software, Visual Imagination, PlayWay SA, Cape, Code Horizon

Version 1.4.9 – compatibility update for game version 1.43


DOWNLOAD 103 MB [mirror]

One thought on “Ownable overweight trailer Doll Panther v1.4.9

  1. Şevket Altuğ GÖZLÜLÜ

    Hello Jazzycat
    Thanks for keeping your nice mods alive.
    Can you please check your bus and truck traffic mods again?
    On 1.43 versions of your truck and bus traffic mods, there is a weird wheel bug on all 3 axle traffic trucks and buses which have a taglift or midlift axles with single tyres. Double tyres are going out of fenders on 6×2 midlift trucks and they are not on correct place: Doubles are placed on 3rd axle and singles on middle both on 3 axle buses and BDF trucks 😛
    I hope you can fix them in next update, because i really like your traffic mods and they are always on my “must have” list since first release 😉

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