Ownable Overweight Trailer Wielton NJ4 v 1.3.2

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Ownable overweight trailer Wielton NJ4
Advanced coupling
Cables simulation
30 overweight cargo
2 chassis variants
Tested on version 1.33.x
Models by Ice Flames, Giants Software, Weltenbauer Software, Visual Imagination, PlayWay SA, Cape, Code Horizon

Version 1.3 – added 7 new cargo: motor grader Caterpillar 140M3, yacht, asphalt paver Caterpillar AP1055D, boiler, field container Garant, excavator, big beton tube.

Version 1.3.1 – fixed bug with missed texture.

Version 1.3.2 – fixed ‘invisible’ Caterpillar AP1055D.


DOWNLOAD 59 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 59 MB [Modsbase]


2 thoughts on “Ownable Overweight Trailer Wielton NJ4 v 1.3.2

  1. Roy Johnson

    Hi Jazzycat this mod is totally awesome “Thanks for making it now i can have one of my own trailer like this which i being longing for and you stop my search. What would be nice to see if you can make a trailer pack with a variety of trailers “All ownable” i would be shocked if you did that.

  2. Roy Johnson

    I would also like to ask if possible can i get that skin your using on the scania new gen the “Rolin” paint job, I love that skin it’s so cool and pretty looking

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