Owned Trailers Templates

Trailer Ownership: Owned trailers templates skin

This packet have the following trailers:
Curtain Slider: Single, Double and B-Double
Dry van: Single, Double and B-Double
Dry van Slide Doors: Single, Double and B-Double
Walking Floor: Single, Double and B-Double

It works with the and further.

Doesn’t work before because SCS change the old paint templates!!!

Some people say it that they only works with 3 different skins, but all templates are a little different!!!
If you want to work with 1 pixel different then you can use this templates 😉

In this packet you have .png and .psd files.

SCS, JohnnyBoy59


6 thoughts on “Owned Trailers Templates

  1. thanks mate 😀

  2. How do I save the files into the scs one ?

    1. Forget it. My brain was turned off

  3. Waar zijn de def en base files in deze download ??

  4. It does not work with 1.35 ver.
    Do you want to update in the future?

  5. Yeah, game crashed… please update 🙂

    A part of the gamelog:

    00:01:18.274 : [fs] Failed to open file ‘/def/vehicle/trailer_owned/scs.box/paint_job/ownskin.sii’ in the read_only mode.
    00:01:18.723 : Missing accessory (/def/vehicle/trailer_owned/scs.box/paint_job/ownskin.sii) replaced by (/def/vehicle/trailer_owned/scs.box/paint_job/color.sii).

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