P. Bjarne Andersen Scania Skins



P. Bjarne Andersen skins for your Scania.
There is 2 scs in the rar file one for 4×2 and the other for 6×2/6×4,
otherwise the side skirts will conflict with other skins.
This is just a skin mod, no truck file or anything else.
Tested and working on

Author: Per_DK


22 thoughts on “P. Bjarne Andersen Scania Skins

  1. Nice Skin, thank you!
    But I think it’s not grey, it’s beige in real world! But all in all it’s nice!

  2. Hej per_dk
    lækkre vogne du får lavet dig
    mvh frank i dk

  3. Nice skin mate 🙂

  4. Freddy Jimmink


    1. Freddy Jimmink

      Just joking… it sucks!!!

      1. Freddy Jimmink "The Real" Freddy Jimmink

        This is abuse! Someone used my name,

        For me it is still super!

        Admin find out who the son of a ##### is who misused my name, and if i find him in real, i let him swalloww his ##### from teh wrong side!



  5. DanishTrucker

    Wow mega fedt skin!! men vil du ikke nok også lave en trailer der matcher 🙂 det ville være mega fedt.

    1. Jo da den er på vej en af dagene

      1. DanishTrucker

        Tusinde tak 🙂

    2. hakuna mtu kuelewa kwamba! Tafadhali andika kwa Kiingereza!

      1. Danish Trucker says:
        Wow mega fedt skin!! men vil du ikke også lave en trailer der matcher det ville være mega fedt.

        Per_DK says:
        Yes it is coming one of these days.

  6. Kenworth W900

    Wow RIGTIG flot skin . Mangler da i den grad en MEGA mod med nye trailer skins med Danske / Skandinaviske virksomheder , det ville være flot bag denne flotte Scania fra P Bjarne Andersen .

    WOW really nice skin . But I am looking for a Mega trailer mod with Danish / Scandinavian firms to put behind this beautiful Scania from PBA… 😉

    1. Hey Kenworth, sonn there will be a small trailer pack with some Danish trailers, but at the moment i am busy helping Kevin from Belgium with a skin for him.

      1. Kenworth W900

        OK Tak Per , ser frem til det 😉

  7. …super flot arbejde per…som altid…

    1. Takker Jesper 🙂

  8. Freddy Jimmink

    So childish FakeFreddy is bored! can’t skin or mod,he can’t get a girl, pitty!

    FakeFreddy, learn at least decent Englishh, and at least say greets, Freddy at the end of Your comments, maybe than people believe You,

    A bad name i already have, so therefor i don’t care!



    1. Well just take it easy Buddy, i`m not going to waste my time on that, ofcause it`s not nice to used another persons name at all, but what to do, some people just don`t have a life.



  9. Well to all of you good guys who is waiting for a trailer for this truck, i will begin the skin work today, so hopefully it will be ready in a day or so.


  10. hey i know who that fake is tomorrow i am in his neighbourhood maybe i bring him a visit and take away his gear or better i smash it in front of his disturbed face

    sleep well all

  11. What other mods did you use (like the super tag and the grill) and btw are you Belgian or Dutch because I noticed there was Belgium written on the top of one of the trucks

  12. peter petersen

    den virker også på 1.3.1 version og det er skide godt skin du har lave 😉

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