Pack 4 Real Skin for Trailer Containers Standalone


Standalone Pack 4 real skin for Trailer 40ft containers by RoadHunter
Credit: Trailer By RoadHunter Skins and Standalone By Daniel77
Tested Game 1.19.2.xx
Please do not upload this mod on other file hosting if it is published on
another site.

Trailer: RoadHunter Skin: Daniel77


2 Responses to Pack 4 Real Skin for Trailer Containers Standalone

  1. Nordisch says:

    Credits: chassis and wheels ventures old 40ft container by snaip skins from nordisch cutted from an 20ft container by snaip.nice #### hack upload keep it up for more quality in the scene

  2. HeavelsT says:

    no areas true ARAS

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