Pack Accessories Scania Next Gen – Fixed Scania S 2016

I was told that a lot of accessories did not appear on the Scania Next Gen S, so I corrected this and I apologize for the inconvenience!

Pack accessories for Scania Next Gen contains:

* 9 Steering Wheel Vabis
* 4 Variants DRL for white Light and Yellow Light
* Yellow Light ( many variants)
* Sideskirts 4*2 with LoBar
* Big Sunshield
* A lot of MudFlaps

All Accessories are Standalone

Logo Scania 1969
Variants Logo V8 Box
Sideskirts Lobar 6*x

FB Page:

HorseeHorse Modding


4 thoughts on “Pack Accessories Scania Next Gen – Fixed Scania S 2016

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video…

    1. HorseeHorse Modding

      Your video only partially shows the content of the mod, make the video correctly next time

  2. Hello, the pack is not compatible with version 1.38. Can you update it, please? Thank you. Christophe

  3. bonjour le pack ne fonctionne pas sur la 1.39 merci de faire une mise a jour

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