Pack de volants 3 & 4 Branches

Branches-1 Branches-2

Here regards wants a complete pack of flying for 1.24 anim redone by myself harchives lock except for dds reskiner flying your selection. Good game to all!

(volant 4 branches by Pieter ,volant 3 branches by Hobbytrucker)


9 Responses to Pack de volants 3 & 4 Branches

  1. startrommler says:

    Hello speedy 59
    please make it out a mod where no steering wheel is that would be something
    thank you

  2. Tremonia1974 says:

    crash at truck dealer!

    • Speedy59 says:

      hello you can transmetre me gamelog in paper / eurotrucksimulaeur2 was late so I could thank you check your attention to you good day is my Facebook Speedy Bourg

    • Speedy59 says:

      I do not understand your question, thank you republish sure you have good day

  3. Speedy59 says:

    update UK release is planned

  4. Asphroxia says:

    thx for not including the interior like some other 4 spoke wheels do =) great job

  5. Asphroxia says:

    Handbrake is missing in my DafE6 tho

    • Speedy59 says:

      thank you very much your friend daf euro 6 is a mod scs or base? because my flying only works on the basis of this scs good day cordially Speedy59

      • Asphroxia says:

        stock AND ohaha both, also some of the driver seat passenger mods dont work with the steering wheel :/ mainly the ones from slisls pack

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