Pack Plateau SavC for 1.36

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Hello here is a nice flatbed from savc, beceause i like this trailer i made him ownable. Enyoi the mod and save trip

savoyard, darkbullseye


7 thoughts on “Pack Plateau SavC for 1.36

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  2. Thanks for this pack ! Je vais prendre un réel plaisir avec. ^^

  3. Very nice trailer whit great loads .

  4. BretangeExpress

    Thx! Very nice Trailer! I miss the Wideload Crago from V 1.26

  5. Maxime Letavernier

    Tres belle remorque , en plateau , beau travail , continuer ainsi

  6. Doesn’t work, after enabling it in the mod manager the game doesn’t load

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