Pack Powerful engines + gearboxes V 10.5 for 1.27.XX

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With which trucks can I use this mod ?.
There are 124 trucks adapted to the old version 1.26,
and will continue to work, if you use that version.
You can see the complete list in the file document.txt
that is inside the mod, or in the information of the same
in the mods manager of the game itself.

Changes in this version 10.5:

– Modified all the files of the original trucks of the game
for its perfect operation with the version 1.27.
– All the trucks whose versions belonged to the previous V 1.26,
will continue working perfectly in that version.
– 10 New trucks adapted to version V 1.27:

– F.S.C. STAR 200 – edit by Ekualizer [patch – 1.27.x]
– Kraz 255 Update
– MAN TGA 1.4 by MADster
– Kamaz 54-64-65 only for 1.27
– Cascadia 2018 by Conbar V4.0 for 1.27 of game ETS 2
– Volvo FH 2013 v22.00s [1.27] (Ohaha)
– Volvo FH 2012 v22.00r [1.27] (Pendragon)
– MAN TGX v2.4
– Kenworth 521 v 1.1 [1.27]



7 thoughts on “Pack Powerful engines + gearboxes V 10.5 for 1.27.XX

  1. pls make ATS version…..ATS i useing Freightliner FLB but 550hp too slow.

  2. hola. estoy usando este mod y me da errores en el sonido. NO hay sonido de: motor, frenos, claxon, indicadores de luces. Pero Si hay sonido ambiente en el juego. No se si el problema sea este mod o algun otro, si pudieras arreglarlo. GRACIAS!!!

  3. La verdad es que uso muchos de tus mods, como el de tráfico realista o el de la estabilidad entre otros. No sé si aceptas peticiones, pero estaría genial si pudieses añadir en la próxima versión los camiones de American Trucks Pack Promods Edition.

    Gracias por tu tiempo y el esfuerzo que dedicas en hacer mods tan fantásticos. Un saludo.

  4. Big Stars – Actros Arocs SLT please 🙂

  5. Does not properly if I have Russian Open Spaces activated… Hope you can dot something because your mod is very useful. Thanks in advance.

  6. 1900 ks engine on all truck crash game 1.27

  7. When are you going to update this mode? Please update and improve.

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