Pack Powerful engines + gearboxes V.12.7 for 1.39.XX

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Pack Powerful engines + gearboxes V.12.7 for 1.39.XX

Update mod.

Please, do not upload the mod to another server, respect the author’s original link.


If you use this mod or another one of motors or boxes, and you decide to disable it
or delete it, before doing so enter the store and assign a motor or box
of the game. This way you will not have errors in the console in the future.


14 different engines; 440, 460, 500, 540, 600, 640, 700, 760, 780, 800, 860, 900, 920 and 940 Cv.

14 gearboxes:

3 6-speed gearboxes.

3 Boxes of 12 Speeds.

3 Boxes of 15 Speeds.

3 Boxes of 16 Speeds.

2 Boxes of 18 Speeds.

4 different types of sound for motors:

V8, V8 Open Pipe, V8 Crakle and V8 Volvo.

Look in the store for the motor you choose to get the desired sound.

The new gearboxes incorporate 6, 12, 15, 16 and 18-speed models.
Some models include several reverse positions and also several retarder positions.
You just have to read the description of the mod, or read in the store before buying.

Sounds and Engines:

– V8 sound for engines: Scania DC12 440, 460, 500 Cv, Man DO GF01 700 Cv, and Scania DC13 960 Cv.
– Open Pipe sound for: Man D26 540 Cv, Scania DC13 760 Cv, and Man D38 EURO 6 900 Cv.
– V8 Crakle sound for: Mercedes Benz OM421 600 Cv, Volvo TD 780 Cv, Mercedes Benz OM421 920 Cv.
– Volvo V8 sound for: “Volvo TD 640 Cv, Volvo D13 EGR 800 Cv and 940 Cv.

Changes in Powerful Engines Pack + Gearboxes V.12.7 for ETS2 1.39.XX:

– DOES NOT WORK in versions prior to 1.39.
– All Sound banks rebuilt with Fmod 2.01.05
– Balanced the volume levels of all engines.
– Balanced turbo level at a lower level.
– All files rebuilt for ETS2 version 1.39.
– Eliminated obsolete attributes of sound banks in the definition of engines.
– Added 340 new “sound.sui” and “soundref” attribute files
– In the shop for buying engines, new descriptions have been added:



– Daf XF
– Daf XF Euro6
– Iveco Hiway
– Iveco Stralis
– Man TGX
– Man TGX Euro 6
– Mercedes Actros
– Mercedes New Actros
– Renault Magnum
– Renault Premium
– Renault T
– Scania R
– Scania Streamline
– Scania R 2016
– Scania S 2016
– Volvo FH16
– Volvo FH16 2012.

Special thanks to: Robinicus, Harven, Kriechbaum and Slider_556
for all the technical support provided with Fmod.

Models: Scs.
Sounds: kriechbaum, Scs.
Creation and assembly of benches: Rockeropasiempre.
Testers: Cupido, Alejandro R35.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

File weight: 5.0 Mb

a greeting

Models: Scs.
Sounds: kriechbaum, Scs.
Creation and assembly of benches: Rockeropasiempre.
Testers: Cupido, Alejandro R35.

Author: Rockeropasiempre


10 thoughts on “Pack Powerful engines + gearboxes V.12.7 for 1.39.XX

  1. never seen so much garbage put together .. NOn you can make a pleasant sound anymore … where are the scania DC16 engines ??

    nunca he visto tanta basura junta .. NOn ya puedes hacer un sonido agradable … ¿dónde están los motores Scania DC16?

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      Y nosotros no hemos visto un subnormal como tu parguelas.

      Menudo montón de mierda cobarde, e inutil que no es capaz de aportar nada.

      Anda con tu puta madre mamon.

  2. vielen lieben dank für die 1.39.
    es ist ein sehr gutes und sinnvolles Mod.

  3. there’s no sound :(((( pls fix

  4. Jean POPINEAU

    When will you make version 1.39 for ATS, please

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      Estoy trabajando en ello, lleva muchas horas de trabajo. Alrededor de 15 dias, y aún me faltan la mitad de los camiones por reconstruir.

    2. Rockeropasiempre

      Me faltan la mitad de camiones para el mod de ETS2, para ATS aún falta bastante tiempo.

  5. Jean POPINEAU

    Yes I understand your deadline.
    But is it normal, that having version 1.38 of your mod on ATS, that I do not hear the engine noises on version 1.39.
    In any case, good job.

    1. Rockeropasiempre

      Pues es muy facil de entender. A veces hacen cambios menores de una version a otra del juego, y el mod te puede seguir funcionando. Otras veces como ahora, los cambios son muy grandes, y es normal que no tengas sonido con el mod de una versión anterior. Aun habiendote explicado esto, y teniendo en cuenta que solo entrais muchos a descarga y listo, los que hacemos estos trabajos, nos molestamos en hacer una descripción detallada. Por eso es aconsejable leer siempre, el punto “Cambios en esta versión”, y así entenderás esto:

      Cambios en Pack Motores Potentes + Cajas de Cambio V.12.7 para ETS2 1.39.XX:

      – NO FUNCIONA en versiones anteriores a la 1.39.

  6. Sam Viper Transporte

    Hi Rockeropasiempre
    I would be really happy if this mod would also be available for 1.40, but please the one with the green logo of you where the PS numbers are given.

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