Pack Powerful engines + gearboxes V 6.0 for 1.25.XX


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Hellow. There upgrade engine pack with many different modifications and logos added. In addition the number of trucks adapted to this mod is extended to be compatible both engines, and gearboxes. All changes and new additions logos are reflected in the video, see recommended.
For the proper functioning of the mod, place the mods trucks under the mod powerful engines + gearboxes 6.0 V.

New to Pack Powerful engines + gearboxes 6.0 V:

– Front Emblems of all engines pack for Scania R and Scania Streamline.
– Side Emblems of all engines pack for Daf XF.
– Side Emblems of all engines Hiway pack for Iveco.
– Side Emblems of all engines pack for TGXy Man Man TGS.
– Side Emblems of all engines for Volvo FH12 pack Mk1 updated.

– Sounds normal engines 600, 700, 800 and 900 Cv, and sounds V8 engines for Brutal 1 to 6, for the following truck.
– Scania R and Scania Streamline.
– Scania RJL.
– Scania T.

Full list of compatible trucks:

-Todos los camiones originales del juego.
– Scania RJL.
– Volvo FH10.
– Volvo 2013 de Ohaha.
– Mercedes NG 1632 edit by Ekualizer.
– Man F90.
– Sisu R500.
– Daf XF Euro 6 de Ohaha.
– Maz 64229-54323 v4.0.
– Dong Feng.
– Fsc Star.
– Volvo NH12 V1.25 Fixed.
– Kraz 255.
– Volvo FH 12-16 I Generation v 1.2 Fixed.
– Volvo F Series (F12 – F16).
– Scania T Mod V2.0.
– Volvo FH12 Mk1 updated. (NEW ADAPTED)
– Scania 112-142. (NEW ADAPTED)
– Mercedes Benz Atron. (NEW ADAPTED)
– Mercedes Antos 1840. (NEW ADAPTED)
– Scania R1000 Reworked 5.0. (NEW ADAPTED)
– Scania R700 New. (NEW ADAPTED)

Author: Rockeropasiempre

File weight: 59.6 Mb

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10 thoughts on “Pack Powerful engines + gearboxes V 6.0 for 1.25.XX

  1. it cant download. it say no file

  2. Love this mod, good to see you updating regularly ^^
    there is a problem with Sharemods for me it keeps saying no file when I try to download there
    Is there any other mirror link?
    Sorry for asking

  3. no file …!!????

    1. think it’s sharemods site atm. Server issues there is my guess

  4. folickmann

    sa me mais sa no file

  5. No File

  6. spartacus33

    i have download this mod 6 hours ago & i have really a file…
    this is the directory of the files on

    thanks to Author(s)

  7. Can we use it in multiplayer ? If yes, how ? If no, can you did it for the last update ? 🙂

    Thanks you man !

  8. Very good but please could add engines for the Actros / Arocs SLT

  9. spartacus33

    Wouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With Scania R1000 without change engine or gearbox, this mod change all by Spectacular Sound, this is great and realistic 1000 HP engine !!!
    i say just…perfect to me…

    A great Mod, thanks a lot to Author(s) Rockeropasiempre.

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