Pack Real skin Container V 2.0


Pack V 2.0 Trailer container with real skin
Tested On 1/20
In the traffic ..
Please do not upload this mod on other file hosting if it is published on
another site.

Credit: Trailer By RoadHunter Skin e Standalone By Daniel77


3 Responses to Pack Real skin Container V 2.0

  1. solaris36 says:

    Mod isn´t for 1.19-1.20 ets2 version.
    Mod works ok on 1.18. This mod not use the new traffic storage mechanism introduced on 1.19 game version, so in the traffic only appears this trailers. Other traffic models are anulated.

  2. Willy says:

    does not work with trailerpack from jazzycat .
    to bad its very nice mod .
    please make it ready for 1.20 and cooperate with jazzycat mods .

  3. seb99 says:

    like u said solaris36 i see only this trailer in traffic.

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