Pack Trailer PROFILINER V3 “The Post”

priekabos-3 priekabos priekabos-2

Trailers are standalone
Tested in version 1.12.x
Compatible with all my packs and packs Jazzycat

Trailer: Bora Huckepack
Skin Fred_be


9 thoughts on “Pack Trailer PROFILINER V3 “The Post”

  1. willy1962

    Its nothing for me but its a great looking skinpack.
    well done and a lot of work .
    thumbs up Fred

  2. Thanks again fred for more great mods.

  3. Female Trucker

    Any chance you could do some Double Decker Trailers (Curtainsiders) please?

  4. Great work, Fred_Be and Bora! Thank you and go ahead!

  5. please use cargo group line in trailer.sii file in future if make new trailer mod

  6. UnableRogue

    No Australia post? Noooooo T_T

  7. Such Skinns are too simple. They are no challenge. For the unknowing users ones seems to be here a big achievement.It is a good job but not very good.

  8. fred be
    im holland and i see a post nl trailer
    can i get it so that trailer is the only trailer of all trailers exept heavy cargo?

    1. what file is the post nl trailer??

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