Pack Trailers Odaz and GKB in the Property

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Six standalone trailers to buy in property
There is tuning and cable support
Tested on version 1.35, but should work on earlier versions with the addition of a trailer purchase

KB AVSR, Prime044


4 thoughts on “Pack Trailers Odaz and GKB in the Property

  1. It works perfect on 1.35 but it does not work at all on 1.34

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      It say’s “Tested in v1.35” – Why you think, he write this?

  2. I did not have much expectation but it’s all good, files are new and have no errors! nice for some russian trucks!
    PMG are converted for 1.35 therefore it won’t work for earlier game version!

  3. At last i found something, all mod workers and trailer makers, i have request for you all. I love old trucks, like scania 110, 140, 141, volvo 88, 89, F10, F12 etc.. But you can’t find any old time trailers these trucks. Those modern trailers are too high, too long, and too modern, and those dosen’t fit those old trucks. 1.35 version trailers are missing all, there is older versions old trailers, but those dosen’t work 1.35.

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