Pacton Container Pack for 1.25


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Trailers included:

empty chassis, 20ft and 40ft
2x 20ft chassis with 18 Skins each
20ft chrome cistern container
40ft container
40ft high cube container
40 ft reefer container
45ft container
30ft tank container.
2x 20ft chemical container

Works only with 1.25!
new Wheels by Abasstreppas

All Trailers with all skins in traffic. (can be selected by modfile)

original Trailer: Richal Lechuza/Donaldboy
Trailer re-Edit: MarcDo
Containers and Skins: EED123, Tony1971, Holly, Samson, SheryO, Nordisch, Pauli, Arnook, Reyhan Ramadhan, Roadhunter, Capelle, Gordon_Gecko, MarcDo
License plate illumination: Ohaha
Marker Lights: Powerkasi
Wheels: Abasstreppas
Author: MarcDo

!!! Publish whereever you want but KEEP original Link !!!



15 thoughts on “Pacton Container Pack for 1.25

  1. Very Nice
    Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

    1. Thank you mate!

  2. I messed up something with the licplate lights. Download this hotfix to get them to work:

  3. i put on the mod and all ai trailers in game are now this…….
    please fix!

    1. Then you have one or more trailers in traffic with old def files. Mine are proper 1.25 standard!

  4. thx much!!!best containers pack,not drop frames!!

  5. passthedutchie

    Hello maybe can someone help? I have a problem with the traffic, if i the trailerpack selected in mode manager i not have any other trailers in the traffic than the mode trailer, how can I this fixing?
    It transforms all the traffic trailers in the mode trailer I mean. I want different trailers in the traffic too like the standard scs trailers but when I select traffic storage it doesn’t work it just transforms all trailers in the mode trailer……

    1. Then you have one or more trailers in traffic with old def files. Mine are proper 1.25 standard!

      1. passthedutchie

        No that is not true, I have not any other trailers in my mod!
        Your mod is just not good, I see only more of the mode trailers but not the standard trailers. Only your mode is select. Well if no one is help me, I just remove mod and not use it. ###### mod.

  6. ThommyLee

    Get only “zip-files”, but no “scs-files” …

    1. zeeuwsetrucker

      scs or zip is the same, works both.
      Good mod thank you for sharing.

  7. CyrusTheVirus

    O_O How many trailers contain this pack?? xDDD
    Good job man, only thing the ui_shadow is a little lower. Wheels don’t touch it.

    1. Thanks for the info. As I don´t know exactly what you mean, do you know how to fix it?

  8. this mode is not work good, when select only see this trailer in game no other trailer. have none mods installing in mode folders

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