Pagani Huayra Bc Sports New Version

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If we come to the characteristics of the vehicle:
1) There are 8 adeet interiors in the vehicle, and 8 exterior depending on it.
2) There is a ao mapping.
3) There are modifiable disk firenler booties.
4) The car model is of a very good quality (Proect cars are taken from the game.




7 Responses to Pagani Huayra Bc Sports New Version

  1. iTzSplashed says:

    fake. reuploaded.

  2. Bhagwant123 says:

    Please make it for ets2 v. also

  3. BrianK says:

    Why making cars for ETS2?
    It’s not GTA or NFS or Assetto Corsa you know?!
    Naaah still a nice car…but not for Euro TRUCK Simulator 2.

  4. edsor says:

    I think the car mods enrich a lot ets 2. Especially those of us who like normal driving simulators and not racing games. In any case, it’s optional. Whoever doesn’t like them, don’t use them. But it’s important to have good mods, that take advantage of the possibilities of the simulator. This car is not a good mod for ets 2. It is too low and constantly stumbles. It also has no details: no onboard computer, no dashboard indicators, no animations. If you can’t make better cars for ets 2, you’d better let it go.

    • BrianK says:

      Well, I tested a couple of them but they all have the “handling” of the Skoda and sadly car mods are not so good on ETS2, But still a fact that ETS2 is a Trucking game but a couple of times driving on Highways with 200 Km/H with a car around Europe is funny to do.
      I hope for good car mods with realistic interiors and etc..:)

  5. sniperecco1 says:

    steering wheel has a buy external view and needs fixing

  6. Space Cam says:

    the head lamps dont work and it needs animation

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