Paintable De Haan-Style skin for Scania S Next-Gen

This is a simple paintable skin heavily inspired by the De Haan fleet (I might make the actual De Haan skins too). Also compatible with Eugene’s Scania NG and its low-deck addons by Sogard3.



3 thoughts on “Paintable De Haan-Style skin for Scania S Next-Gen

  1. Can you please make a version that is compatible with the rigid chassis? Where all the boxes are plain white? That’d be so nice, I really do miss the ability to paint everything except the box 🙂

    1. TheNuvolari

      Nah, I don’t know how to make skins for rigid chassis. Maybe later, when I’ll make the actual De Haan combo.

    2. JoachimK

      If you want a Skin for the NG Scania by Kast, you must make your Skin and insert in the Mod of Scania RJL Rigid by Kast. ?

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