Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 3.4

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Pack adds in traffic truck+trailer combo with skins of 255 real companies.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on 1.27.x
Compatible with all my packs.
Skins: TerRay, ScaniaLAD, IJ’s Mods, AJFV1998, Millsyb, Speedy66666, harry, Sky76, JE80, Trucker2011, KHAOS-XX, RCPHiL, S&S-Skinning, Fred_be, Woody, nportegies, Repin, BartvHam, ThreeGlavModz, SISL, MaxLowe, Freddy Jimmink, Elitesquad Modz, Bluemanc, stewowe, Toft-N, Sparrow, DHL, indian56, radar, Josiesomething, Oswald, Вячеслав_А, Rudy, steini, senator07, lucianandrei, ed101, 19vvv05, ryaskins, n.velickovic, Slenderhun, Futrzaczek99, Farmerbeavis, eskolaite, kriistof and others.

Version 3.4 – added all cabin and chassis variants for Volvo FH 2009 and 10 new companies (Marcotrans, Zandbergen Transport, Transports Charpentier, Omahen Transport, Brelet Transports, Delanchy Transports, T.W.Plummer & Sons, Arco Spedizioni, A.Davies Transport, Marcotran Transportes).


DOWNLOAD 244 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 244 MB [Uploadfiles]

11 thoughts on “Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 3.4

  1. the game not loading with this version

    1. Game is loading with 1.27. Must be another mod. But the error:

      traffic.mb_mp4_006p still exists!

      1. Not Jazzycats fault!

        Sound Fixes Pack – ETS


        change the line for the attachable Trailer


        attachable_trailer[]: “traffic.trailer.flat_jtr”

        Error gone.

      2. Guest
        Mods conflict. Make higher priority for my pack.

        1. Thanks for the reply! If changed it. Error gone! Great Packs Jazzycat!

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  3. Arthur Vince

    Jazzycat, can you put my postnl combo into this trafficmod? thanks..

    Thanks for all your great mods!!

  4. Thanks for update!

  5. Sharemods download doesnt work.

  6. Hey Jazzycat!
    Your traffic packs are so awesome! I would like to request a “Hungarian retro traffic pack” especially for Hungary map. It would contain the vehicles which are popular in Hungary in the ’70-’80s. Example Ladas, Wartburgs, Trabants, Polski Fiats, Volgas and so many others…(some of them are still running on Hungarian roads) If you like the idea, please write to me in e-mail and we talk the details and I will send you the list of the cars I thought, and I will help you in creating the pack by sending photos of those cars (example for Hungarian police cars or ambulances)!
    My e-mail: [email protected]
    Thank you,

  7. Why I have only trucks without trailers?

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