Panjelajers Indo Map v 1.0

Panjelajers Indo Map (1) Panjelajers Indo Map (3) Panjelajers Indo Map (2)

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Tested in ETS2 version 1.19.xx
About 14 cities/villages
Adapted to Indonesian enviroment

– Download all scs. files (pan, panmap, panmod)
– Copy it to Document/Euro Truck Simulator2/ Mod.
– Open The Game
– Check all files in Mod Manager, and choose panje.mbd in game profile setting

Authors: Septian (Creator), Euro Truck Simulator2, some mods who inspire me, and more.

DOWNLOAD 216 MB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 216 MB [author blog]

20 Responses to Panjelajers Indo Map v 1.0

  1. Vlad says:

    i need a new profile?

  2. resad says:

    this map worked with Tsm in 1.19???

  3. geoff1 says:

    can you add video please and more discription like is it standalone or can other maps be added like promods 1,96 , tsm , mha 2.0

  4. Asher says:

    standalone map.. need new profile.

  5. geoff1 says:

    ok video please

  6. paulo says:

    por favor deixar esse mapa , compativel com outros mapas ficaria muito bom , como complemento para tsm,mario mapa ,etc…., obrigado

  7. DC-David says:

    I am really enjoying this map, thanks! I like how the curves in the road are smooth and not blocky looking. On my third haul now. 🙂

  8. YozarNucleus says:

    traffic kanan bang ?

    • smori says:

      saat ini masih traffic kanan. tapi suatu saat di versi berikutnya pakai traffic kiri.

  9. geoff1 says:

    video please

  10. paulo says:

    congratulations on the map, but could be a complement to other maps ( TSM , MARIO MAP , PROMODS , ETC ….) would be very good would ever better the game , I would have your map in my game, but it would have to be compatible and complement to Mario map , for use 9 maps in my game, all compatible and complementary if it is possible for a next update makes it compatible . thank you

    • RoAdRuNnEr says:

      You got 9 maps running in 1 profile? not really or ? what kind of maps you combined and in which order you got this in your profile ? pls answer, its interesting for me…….ive got only scandinavian, rusmap, poland rebuilding and promods running in one profile…

      Pls detailed order cause i want have too soo much running maps in 1 profile 😉

  11. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here is a delivery complete with exploration of the map….

    Picked up cargo in DanauSerayu
    Going to attempt to explore the map
    Delivered cargo back in DanauSerayu 3083km run

    More information is in the video description.

  12. Tantur says:

    ➥ Fly Review: Panjelajers Indo Map v 1.0. ➥

    ➥➥➥➥ ➥➥➥

  13. smori says:

    panjelajers indo map will be update in september, compatible in ets2 version 1.20 soon.
    for more details please visit this blog at
    panjelajers indo map akan segera update pada bulan september, untuk ets2 versi 1.20. lebih lengkap lihat di

  14. smori says:

    update panjelajers map v1.1 in ets2 version 1.20 is available now. check it in my blog at:

  15. smori says:

    panjelajers indo map will be update again in october, compatible in ets2 version 1.21. for more details please visit this blog at
    update panjelajers indo map akan kembali update pada bulan oktober ini, cek di blog berikut

  16. smori says:

    update pj indo map (panjelajers indo map) version 1.4 review.

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