Panjelajers Indo Map Version 1.1


Update lists in 1.1
– Adapting to changes of ETS2 version 1.20 (especially timing).
– Adding four new cities connecting from Demangu to Danau Serayu.
– Repair and change (rebuild) some point especially in Demangu.
– Add city area traffic in certain areas.
– For more details you can see Readme (Baca Dulu) file inside the mod file.

How to install? (if you have played it before).
– Cancel or finish your delivery job.
– Copy or replace all of the scs files in Document/Euro Truck Simulator2/Mod.
– Enjoy the game!

This is standalone map so it can’t compatible with other map mods.

If there are something errors or bugs please report me in my blog or send by e-mail in [email protected] or [email protected]

Septian (Creator), Euro Truck Simulator2, some mods who inspire me, and more.

DOWNLOAD MB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD MB [blogspot]

7 Responses to Panjelajers Indo Map Version 1.1

  1. geoff1 says:

    video please

  2. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. This was a previous video that I made with the 1.0 version of the map.
    Maybe this might give an idea on what the map is about…..

  3. paulo says:

    Would be very nice if it were compatible and complementary to other maps , I hope that a next update, the editor can leave it as a complement to other maps ( TSM , MARIO MAP , PROMODS , ETC … ) thank you

  4. smori says:

    hello, panjelajers indo map will be update again in october, compatible in ets2 version 1.21. please visit this blog at
    thank you

  5. smori says:

    hello, panjelajers indo map is update now. compatible in ets2 version 1.21. please visit this blog at
    thank you.

  6. smori says:

    update pj indo map (panjelajers indo map) version 1.4 review.

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