Paris Rebuild v 2.1

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This mod rebuilds Paris.

Key Features
New roads built
Some closed roads rebuilt and opened
Three additional companies
Vegetation removed from Paris & Poissy revealing the buildings and skylines
Directly connects Porte de Bagnolet, Poissy and Gonesse
GPS no longer avoids road going into centre of Paris

Compatibility: 1.28, 1.27

France DLC required

Place above other maps in Mod Manager

Also compatible with Promods, TSM, MHA, RusMap & others

Changes in v2.1
Dover issue fixed

Changes in v2.0
New roads added
Additional company
Terrain gaps filled
Improved camera views
Parked cars fixed
Eiffel Tower now lit at night
Many other improvements



9 thoughts on “Paris Rebuild v 2.1

  1. Mark Tempe

    Irgendwas scheint nicht zu stimmen.
    Die Version 1.0 läuft auf Patch 1.27x und 1.28x (Beta) mit so allen möglichen und unmöglichen Map- Mods problemlos.
    Version 2.0 und 2.1 schmieren ab.

    Anything isn`t correct.
    Version 1.0 works good under Patch 1.27x and 1.28x (Beta) with all known map- mods.
    Version 2.0 and 2.1 causing a crash.

  2. Piratxxx11


    1. Shut up Psycho!!

  3. Very beautiful! 😉

  4. Does it work with SR 6.6?

  5. GautamaKen

    paris street should be full of parked cars! (like all the other big cities)
    wish to see the street crowded with parked car in the next update!
    thanks a lot!

  6. M.E.Wakefield

    I agree with Mark Tempe, the latest version does appear to be faulty, i’ve found that irrespective of which direction you take to deliver your goods upon reaching the outskirts of Paris at certain points the game does crash with the message “ETS2 has stopped working”, i suspect this is the point where the mod correlates with the existing map thereby causing some sort of conflict, Malc.

  7. Hi will this be updated so it can be used with ETS2 patch 1,30x thanks

  8. Can you make it for 1.31

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