Paris Rebuild v 2.4

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This mod rebuilds Paris.

Key Features
New roads built
Closed roads rebuilt and opened
Three additional companies
Vegetation removed from Paris & Poissy revealing the buildings and skylines
Directly connects Porte de Bagnolet, Poissy and Gonesse
RATP buses added to Paris city traffic
Increased traffic density (Paris only)
GPS no longer avoids road going into centre of Paris

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.35

France DLC required

Place above other maps in Mod Manager

Also compatible with Promods, TSM, MHA, RusMap & others

Changes in v2.4
Updated for 1.35



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9 thoughts on “Paris Rebuild v 2.4

  1. geht das auch mit standart , oder braucht man maps für 1.35

  2. Read the info Compatibil with Version 1.35 ( Standart ) and other maps.

  3. Hello,
    my ESET Virusguard show: HTML/ScrInject.B Trojaner
    Canot download from Grimes Side.

    1. Hallo, KaLeu57,
      about Years we load from Grimes Site. Never had one Problem.
      My AVG Ultimate 2019 gives no Alarm, checking after DL was clean.

      But the Link on Grimes Site directed to sharemods.

      1. Ok, thanks JoachimK.
        Maybe it´s a failalarm from my ESET.

        1. Never Mind. That what I think as well. 😉

  4. Bonjour joachimk

    RusMap dans un sens est un bon complément de promods mais rassures moi le dernier promods 2.40 ne fonctionne pas avec la dernière mise à jour de steam la 1.35 .
    Entre nous joachimk la plus grande carte c’est la mario map qui fonctionnait même en 1.34 et là mario1961 a décidé de ne plus mettre à jour les cartes. J’aime les grandes cartes que peux tu me conseiller comme grande carte pour remplacer la Mario Map
    Bien respectueusement

    Hello Joachimk

    RusMap in a sense is a good complement of promods but reassure me the last promods 2.40 does not work with the latest update of 1.35 steam.
    Between us joachimk the biggest map is the mario map that worked even in 1.34 and there mario1961 decided not to update the maps anymore. I like the big cards that you can advise me as a big map to replace the Mario Map
    thank you
    Very respectfully

  5. francesco


  6. “Compatible with TSM”? For 1.35? I thought that the TSM Map for 1.35 is not out yet??

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