Paris v1.2.1 Unofficial Patch

Modifications include:
All placeholder antennas removed.
License plate generation and fonts fixed. Also, department stickers on plates now spawn with probabilities based on the plate stickers you’d most commonly see inside Paris (60% Paris, 18% Inner Île-de-France, 12% Outer Île-de-France, the remaining 10% is a mix of departements of other major cities in France).
AI spawn rate should now be heavy inside of Paris proper, moderate in the suburbs, and extreme in the Périph and Autoroutes.
Prominent buildings like most La Défense skyscrapers, the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse Tower, are now visible well beyond 1500 meters.
Lots of models around the Montmartre area have had their max view distances reduced, as well as some cut planes added, to majorly reduce/eliminate the glitching in the area caused by excess of objects being drawn. That ruins the view from Montmartre but it’s not like you could enjoy it while the ground beneath you is disappearing and everything is flickering.
Traffic light models now look more similar to the ones you’d find in the Paris region. Their light cycle has also been changed to the one used in France (no red+amber phase before the green).
No-weather areas added to most tunnels.
Models used for the Saint-Lazare and Nord train stations, École Militaire, Invalides, and the Paris Tribunal building have been re-done.
Countless bugfixes. Mostly fixes to floating objects, objects blocking roads and some tiny roads inappropriately being allowed to be used by AI traffic.

Be aware that increased AI traffic heavily impacts FPS during night-time. Avoid driving at night.

Lord Moddington


One thought on “Paris v1.2.1 Unofficial Patch

  1. halobirth

    Crashes when i launch it.

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