Passenger mod 1.7.X — 1.8.X


The mod works Patch 1,12,1.
It does not work if there is of original trailers, but are replaced with inymi mods.

By LiNuX


8 Responses to Passenger mod 1.7.X — 1.8.X

  1. Riyaz Shaikh says:

    Plz linux upload skin for g7 1600.(your last g7 1600 bus is withous skin).

  2. JPM SHIPPING says:

    With what bus mod does your passenger mod work with. Thanks for the mod! It’s great that you guys (moders) share your work with us.

    • remingtonh says:

      It’s be even better if they provided enough documentation to figure it out and use it. Search for “inymi” turned up no search results in

  3. TaiwanOCZ says:

    thx a lot

  4. karsten says:

    doesn’t work on y game :/

  5. Terrible313 says:

    your mod killed the wheels on my trailers, the have no wheels mate. so now i have no passengers. can you fix that? also is it posible to pik up passengers on the bus terminal not on the docks. ty

  6. R and U says:

    I’ve got the mod but there still some wheels on the passengers. It’s pretty annoying can somebody help me?

  7. lennonsgoa111noronha says:

    is this mod good guys?

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